Having graduated with a degree in Pharmacology I started working in the world of antiques as an antique furniture buyer/manager for a prestigious Knightsbridge firm in the mid 1980’s.
also made me a better auctioneer.



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Gerry has identified some interesting and commercially valuable items during the last 10 years, including a small World War 1 watercolour by Paul Nash that sold for a hammer price of £65,000. Other memorable achievements have included spotting a collection of Demetre Stilletsky paintings and the ‘Wealth of Nations’ first edition by Adam Smith, as part of the Cory-Wright estate, which realised a total sale price in excess of £600,000. Several career highlights include identifying two Qianlong, mark and period, Chinese vases that sold for a combined total of just under £1,000,000 and a collection of Ivon Hitchins oil paintings that sold in excess of £850,000 as part of the Creak estate. The main part of his job has always been producing certified valuations for taxation purposes (including IHT) and insurance plus the rewarding and sometimes exciting, facet of this work is the identification of an important, or hitherto unattributed, work. Gerry said “This is the single most rewarding element of my job and remains the common denominator of all my various roles”. Most recently he was able to prove that a small Constable drawing was drawn on the day the artist was in East Bergholt. Having contacted the Suffolk Records Office they were able to produce a letter he wrote on that day to his wife in London. At just 4.5 x 3.5 inches (11.7x8.9cm) this small pencil drawing sold for a hammer price of £31,000.