Having graduated with a degree in Pharmacology I started working in the world of antiques as an antique furniture buyer/manager for a prestigious Knightsbridge firm in the mid 1980’s.
also made me a better auctioneer.



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Gerry Berwyn-Jones has given many talks to private groups and societies such as The Art Society (formerly NADFAS) and also the Womens Institute and has been the auctioneer at various charity auctions. More entertaining events have included mock auctions, where participants have to guess the hammer prices of a range of works actually sold at auction in the recent past. Articles written for the Furniture History Society include ‘David Morley’ (November 2022, No 228, p19-20) and ‘Firs Farm Arts and Crafts’ in August 2016 (No 203, p37-38) as well as several for Antique Collecting, the most recent being December/January 2022/23. GENERAL MARKET ADVICE With experience of working in the trade since the 1980’s, from London (10 years) to East Anglia, the West Country and the Midlands, both as an auctioneer and valuer and a buyer for a renowned central London dealer, Gerry Berwyn-Jones has a wealth of experience across many disciplines. Advice can be provided for when, where and with whom to sell. Transparent guidance is given about the current market and when best to sell.