Having graduated with a degree in Pharmacology I started working in the world of antiques as an antique furniture buyer/manager for a prestigious Knightsbridge firm in the mid 1980’s.
also made me a better auctioneer.



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The most common form of valuation is probate. These are carried out for inheritance tax purposes which are required by many trusts and estates, irrespective of whether they are above or below the threshold for IHT. All probate valuations are submitted to HMRC by the administrators, frequently the solicitors and/or the executors. Bequests are always listed individually, any items or sets with a value of £500 or above are itemised in accordance with HMRC guidelines, but more items can be included in the valuation if the executors wish. Following our valuation, and upon request, impartial advice may be given as to the best medium, company and location for selling. This varies significantly depending on the nature of the work, the current market and the company concerned. Although more unusual, valuations for CGT and gift and lease-back can also be carried out.