Having graduated with a degree in Pharmacology I started working in the world of antiques as an antique furniture buyer/manager for a prestigious Knightsbridge firm in the mid 1980’s.
also made me a better auctioneer.



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FAMILY DIVISION: This is the most frequently encountered after probate and is useful for families who wish to have an equitable division of chattels. WILLING BUYER-WILLING SELLER: This is a more unusual form of valuation, but is ideal when it is advisable to broker a deal between a buyer and a seller, where it is better to avoid the auction process altogether. For instance, the most obvious example is if someone is moving house and the items in question are commodious pieces of furniture that are performing poorly at auction and the interested party is the buyer of the house. To reflect the avoidance of all fees to buyer and vendor alike, as well as carriage, the notional auction upper estimates are used as the selling prices.