Having graduated with a degree in Pharmacology I started working in the world of antiques as an antique furniture buyer/manager for a prestigious Knightsbridge firm in the mid 1980’s.
also made me a better auctioneer.




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Gerry Berwyn-Jones is RICS qualified and with his team of specialists, cover most disciplines from cars to wine. Gerry’s specialist areas include furniture and pictures but he also has a good working knowledge of works of art, silver, ceramics, glass, wine, Asian art and clocks. He has spent 27 years doing certified valuations, including insurance, probate and market. With the industry’s highest standard and most respected qualification (member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, MRICS) Gerry can also call upon a range of distinguished specialists that have run departments or worked for one of the international auction rooms based in London, when required. Berwyn-Jones Fine Art Consultants Ltd is wholly independent providing written valuations, tailored to clients’ or insurers’ needs and requirements. Our byword is discretion and everything is dealt with in the strictest confidence and with the utmost sensitivity. The most common form of valuation is probate, undertaken for inheritance tax purposes, but others include gift and lease-back and CGT. All our valuations are certified, including summaries and are bound. Two hard copies are sent, but more can be provided if needed. The administrator and executor overseeing the estate will receive a digital copy as well. Our valuations are well researched and being RICS accredited, meet the industry’s highest standards. Equally, time is usually of the essence and so these reports are produced as quickly as possible. Confidentiality and data protection are of paramount importance, including compliance with GDPR (see Privacy Policy). Please contact Berwyn-Jones Fine Art Consultants Ltd regarding our fees; these are charged on an hourly basis and not as a percentage of the value of the work(s) concerned. Email: gerry@berwynjonesfineart.co.uk